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Jakob Puff is a young filmmaker and director, originally from an aerospace engineering background. Despite his technical training, Jakob's true passion lies in the art of visual storytelling. Jakob is known for his fast-paced, dynamic cuts that inject energy and momentum into his films. With each new project, Jakob continues to push himself creatively, always striving to deliver compelling narratives and powerful stories.


I was born in Bolzano, Italy. Son of a pharmacist and veterinarian. I spent my early years growing up in a little village up in the mountains. By the time I started my first attempts at riding a bicycle my second sister was born. We got a dog, moved to town, and I cried on my first day of school. 12 years passed and I graduated with a project that got me to put my name on a satellite now circling earth 15 times a day. With more things happening in between, I moved to Munich to start studying mechanical engineering, and ended up doing my master in aerospace.

I bought my first camera in 2016 and started taking photos here and there, until I started messing around with the video mode. I shot my first clip at a friends night club, started touring with DJ’s, stumbled into the world of commercial filmmaking and finally became self employed. While my camera changed a couple of times, my passion for the craft didn't. I am grateful for the experiences I got to make, the ups and downs, the people I got to meet along the way, and excited for what’s to come.